Rolex National Day watch recommended

swiss replica watches launched the new Oyster Perpetual Explorer (Oyster Perpetual Explorer) fake rolex watches, full luminous display, to ensure that at a glance. This model is unique to the 3, 6 and 9 figures are coated with luminous material, and the clock mark and the same distribution of persistent blue light. This unique Chromalight luminous display ensures clear reading in any environmental condition. The pointer is wider and longer, so that when the more clear. The new explorers are awarded Rolex's top-of-the-line audits in 2015 to ensure that watches are worn on top of their wrist. Rolex National Day swiss replica watches recommended - explorer type Designed to conquer the peak of the watch The explorer-style watch symbolizes the indissoluble bounds of Rolex and the adventure world. In the thirties of the last century, driven by the spirit of this pioneer, Rolex has a number of Himalayan expedition to provide time equipment, and in the adventure from the side of the observation, the future development of the watch had a direct impact , Strive to watch more accurate, strong and reliable. On May 29, 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay first board Mount Everest 8,848 meters above sea level. The culmination of the human adventure, but also to consolidate the oyster watch and adventure activities closely linked. To celebrate this initiative, Oyster Perpetual explorer-style watch in 1953 officially come out, quickly became a classic watch. Oyster case, waterproof symbol The explorer-style Oyster Case guarantees a waterproof depth of 100 meters (330 feet) and is a rugged and durable model. The unique shape of the middle case in particular to solid solid 904L steel casting, difficult to corrosion. Rolex watchmaker to brand exclusive special tools will be triangular pit bottom cover tighten, so that the case sealed, so only the Rolex watchmakers can open the movement. On the chain crown with Rolex patent double buckle double waterproof system, firmly tightened in the case. Mirror made of blue crystal, easy to scratch. Explorer-type watch waterproof Oyster-style case to give the best protection of high precision movement. 3132 constant motion movement Explorer-style watch with 3132-type self-winding movement, all developed by the Rolex. The movement of the structure, Seiko fine and innovative elements make the watch accurate and reliable. The hairspring balance wheel component is the heartpiece of the watch, equipped with the Rolex patented blue Parachrom gossamer. The gossamer is made of a unique alloy made by Rolex, free from magnetic field interference, even if the temperature changes, is still very stable, more resilient than traditional gossamer ten times higher. The gossamer is also equipped with Rolex last lap to ensure that the law remains in any position. The hairspring balance wheel is firmly supported by an adjustable height pendulum clamp and is mounted between the Para fl ex cushioning device, developed by Rolex. And obtain a patent, can watch watch the earthquake increased by 50%. 3132-type movement is equipped with automatic winding components, by Rolex constant swing pendulum main winding on the chain. Its power reserve is 48 hours. Rolex National Day watch recommended - explorer type Solid chain buckle Explorer-style watch with 904L steel chain chain oyster-style strap, strap with Oyster-style insurance buckle, to prevent the clasp accidentally open. The buckle is also equipped with an easy-to-link chain, which is cleverly designed to allow the wearer to easily extend the strap about 5mm, and in any case, wear is more comfortable. Top Observatory Certification Explorer-style watch after Rolex by 2015 laid a new standard test, certified as the top astronomical station precision timepieces. This unique title proves that the watch has passed a series of tests by Rolex Laboratories, whose standards are more than the conventional and level of the watch industry. The watch is assembled and tested to ensure that the watch is worn on the wrist and can perform top performance in all aspects of precision, power reserve, waterproof and automatic winding. After the movement into the case before the test of the Rolex top astronomical station precision timepieces, the average error of about two seconds per day plus or minus, than the average of the Observatory certification precision precision twice. The green seal is a symbol of the top astronomical timetable, and each Rolex watch comes with this seal, with a five-year warranty.